Fresh Citrus Recipes

Ahh…citrus. There’s nothing better than zesty, juicy, refreshing and oh-so delicious citrus fruits. Yes, we’re talking oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, tangerines. Call it a crush if you will, but we can’t get enough of these bright, happy fruits.  The way they can be tart and sweet at the same time is beyond us, but it’s gotta be love. In addition to their deliciousness, these zesty fruits are healthy for you, too. Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, including citrus fruits in your diet have shown to protect against heart disease, increase blood flow, prevent LDL or bad cholesterol and could even prohibit the growth of cancer cells. With that said, let’s get cooking. Here are six simple recipes that include our citrus favorites. We kept them healthy and on the light side, too (even dessert).

Poached Salmon & Citrus Saladsalmon_citrus

This is a simple dish that’s perfect for summer. Not only do you get the Vitamin C from the limes and oranges used in this dish, Omega- fatty acids and protein from the salmon can lower your risk of heart disease, and can even lift your mood by its ability to lower depression levels.









Citrus Salad with Fennel Vinaigrettecitrus_salad

This citrus-focused salad is great as a main dish or just a side.  And instead of croutons, this recipe uses sesame clusters, which are healthier, just as tasty and super easy to make.  Just make sure to prepare them ahead of time.











Simple Sunny Citrussunny_citrus

Perfectly sliced ruby red grapefruit and oranges—need we say more? For breakfast or as a side, enjoy these tasty fruits as is. Add a touch of mint to the slices and you’ll be in citrus heaven.










Pasta with Lemon-Orange Saucepasta_orange

Didn’t think lemon or especially an orange went well with pasta, did you? Well, take it from us, it absolutely does.  If you need a low carb or gluten free option, try wheat spaghetti or pasta made of quinoa and brown rice.













Grilled Cilantro Lime Chickengrilled_lime_chicken

There are two things about this recipe we love. One, it uses citrus like lime (duh) and two, you can make it on the grill. One of our favorite things about summer is grilling. So, get outside and start cooking!












Pink Grapefruit & Tarragon Sorbet

grapefruit_sorbet Healthy, low sugar desserts bursting with citrus goodness is possible.  Here’s a hint, this recipe includes a few optional ingredients like vodka and sugary cranberry concentrate. Opt not to include them if you’re looking for the lightest dessert possible.








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