8 Campfire Treats

From campouts to backyard bonfires, we love getting together with friends and family for some campfire time, especially in the summer. And like any campfire, we’re always roasting marshmallows and s’mores. However, we revamped our dessert menu and have come up with eight delicious (and oh so gooey) treats to make next time you’re hanging out by the fire. Believe us, your kids and grandchildren will love making them and eating them—you will too!

bananaboats_campfire2Banana Boat

Think banana sundae meets bananas foster. This is such a yummy and super easy treat to try because you literally load your banana up with all types of toppings—chocolate chips, marshmallows, peanut butter—then wrap it in foil and put in the fire. But we’re warning you now; it’s going to be gooey and messy, but such a delicious experience. Psst…don’t forget the spoons.



cone_campfireCampfire Cone

Time to grab some fixin’s! Chocolate chips, fruit, peanuts, marshmallows—whatever you like. Then put all your goodies in a sugar cone, wrap in foil and toss on the fire. You’ll have the perfect handheld treat that’s warm, melting & yummy.









campfirecake_campfireCampfire Orange Cakes

Who knew you could bake cakes while camping. This is a great treat to get ready beforehand.  Prepare the batter and the get oranges ready before you set out for camping. Then you can simply wrap them in foil and put them in the fire. Easy clean up too!







smoa_campfireSamoa S’mores

Need a break from the original s’more, but still love its tasty qualities? Just grab a box of Girl Scout Samoa cookies and some marshmallows and you have a whole new campfire treat. Roast the marshmallow and place it between two cookie and you’re set.







shortcakes_campfireblogStrawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is one of our favorite summer desserts. We’re glad to hear making it while camping is a breeze. You’ll need Bisquick, strawberries and cream.












Make your own éclairs simply by using breadstick dough, a stick, vanilla pudding or whipped cream and some chocolate frosting. It’s a sweet treat just right for eating around a fire.








peaches_campfire2Peach Mallows

Warm peaches with butter, cinnamon and  berries? Um, yes please.








applecrisp_campfireApple Crisp

All American Summer’s aren’t complete without a classic dessert like Apple Crisp. This recipe is pretty similar to a recipe you’d make at home. Tastes just as good kicked around a bonfire.











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