What’s Your Color Personality?


What’s Your Color Personality?

Colors can affect our mood, emotions and even our personality. Can you believe the colors were most drawn to say something about who we are? Find out what your color personality says about you.

If your favorite color is…


You live life to the fullest. You’re an extrovert who loves adventure and is thrilled to take risks. You don’t mind leaping before you look because you know it will all work out for the better. Your confidence and love for life are some of your most appealing qualities.


Your friends say you’re a great listener and someone they can trust. You don’t mind stepping back and letting someone else take the stage. You are a bit reserved, but you still know how to voice your opinion. You’re comfortable with who you are, but you don’t feel the need to relay it to the word. You like a great party or night out with friends, but you equally love moments to yourself and Friday nights at home.


A unique cheerfulness consumes you, allowing you to see the overall good in yourself and others. You have an enthusiasm for life that naturally brightens the days of your friends and even strangers you encounter. You tend to have an overall curiosity for life, always digging a little deeper to find more meaning. Instead of weighing all your options, you like to make decisions impulsively. People enjoy your company and feel an overall warmth when in your presence.


Whether it’s for work or recreation, you tend to always show your competitive and ambitious side. Your courageous heart allows you to try new things and to take risks. You always welcome a challenge. Your passionate soul shows through in all your relationships because you try to be the best friend or lover you can possibly be.


You love meeting new people and can’t help, but make new friends wherever you go. You tend to see the glass half full and are always hoping for the best. Your gentle, kind heart makes you an excellent nurturer. Helping others and giving advice is second nature to you. Although you’re focused and organized, your silly side shows through on a daily basis. You’re the first one to laugh at yourself and believe life shouldn’t be taken so seriously.


You have a great, creative imagination. Friends come to you when they need help brainstorming ideas because they know you’re always thinking outside the box. Your style reflects compassion and how you always put others before yourself. Because you’re so gracious, you tend to give more than you receive. However, you need to remember that it’s important to have an equal balance between giving and receiving. You have a natural peaceful aura around you. You make others feel calm and relaxed.


Your friends and family rely on you because you’re dependable, organized and always get things done. Although you have no problem making friends and working in big groups, you’re a great independent worker. You make a great leader because you’re practical and always thinking on your feet.


Simplicity is your way of life. You like things neat and clean, getting very uncomfortable when you see clutter or mess in your home and office. For you, less will always be more. You tend to be too critical of yourself because you’re always striving for perfection. Because you’re well-balanced and sensible, you’re self-sufficient and tend to never ask others for help.


You’re very instinctive, always picking up vibes and feelings from others. You can always tell when something is bothering a person close to you. You’re down-to-earth and approachable. You tend to make new friends very easily. You have great self-esteem and confidence. Speaking in public is no challenge for you. You’re a great multi-tasker and love taking on more than one job at a time.


The color green represents life and nature, so you’re easily drawn to animals and the outdoors. Gardening and taking walks are a few of your favorite activities. You are kind, generous and a very loyal friend. You tend to have life long relationship with friends. You follow the rules and always do the right thing. You’re very observant and like to weight all the options before coming to a decision.

What color describes you best? Do multiple colors describe your personality?

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  • October 27, 2013


    I loved reading this column and I will show it to my friends and family. Some of the information is spot on about some of my family members!