We have been selling Wallaroo Hats in Fresh Produce retail stores for three years and it’s the perfect partnership as we’re both based out of Boulder, CO! As stated on their website, founders Stephanie and Lenya started the Wallaroo Hat Company when they discovered the Aussie secret to sun protection with style: colorful UPF 50+ crushable fabric hats.

Now we’re very excited to debut Wallaroo Hats on freshproduceclothes.com!

Pictured here is the Catalina Hat, the Breton Hat in turquoise and the Sydney Poly Braid Hat in black and white. Each hat is different and there’s surely one for you, or your little one! (There are three hats for kids!)

We love Wallaroo because they’re perfect for travel and look fabulous…just right for Fresh Produce fans.

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