Top 5 Reasons To Wear Color

If you’ve had the chance to go into any retail store recently, you’ve probably noticed that bright colors are extremely popular right now.

This is great news here at Fresh Produce because we’re color professionals! Our colorful pieces can be paired with neutrals or other colors to create looks for different occasions.

Just in case you need some convincing, here are our top 5 reasons to wear color:

1.  It Brightens Your Spirits

Even if it’s dreary where you are, wearing colors will help brighten your mood and keep you feeling fresh. (Just think about those times during the winter when you feel like you could go into hibernation…color can help with that!)

Just looking at all our bright colors in the Breezy Flower print makes us smile…what about you?

2.  Colorful Pieces Are Popular

Most celebrities are wearing colors on top of more colors now, and colorful pieces are all over the runway, but this doesn’t mean color is a fad. You should always make room in your wardrobe for colorful pieces!

3.  Black And White Can Be Extreme

Although black is classic and white is crisp, the two paired together can often be extreme and too harsh. Try pairing a brightly colored cardigan and shoes with a neutral outfit. Other colors help bring out the best of black and white.

4.  Colors Help Determine Your Mood

Feeling blue? Try wearing pink or coral to help brighten your day. Overstressed? Put on a shade of blue to relax you. Check out our post on How Aqua Can Inspire. Yellow is even said to inspire creativity and help improve memory.

5.  Feel Like You’re At The Beach, Even If Your Vacation Isn’t For Months

Colors are everywhere along the coasts, from bright houses to sunset hues. Fresh Produce loves the beach and we know you do, too! Wear a few of our colorful pieces to help you feel like you’re at a resort any time of year.


These are just a few of our favorite reasons to wear color. How do you like to incorporate color into your wardrobe? Do you have more reasons on why you should wear color? We’d love to hear! Comment below to let us know.


  • May 5, 2012

    Sally Caruso

    One of the things I love most about Fresh Produce clothing is COLOR! I always bought mostly neutrals because I thought they could be mixed and matched more easily. But ever since I bought my first FP beach dress in the perfect shade of Peri, I have been collecting more and more FP color and saying goodbye to boring neutrals. My new favorite is Sunrise – never thought I could wear a color like this but I get tons of compliments whenever I wear one of my tops or dresses in that color, and it makes me so happy! I completely agree that color affects your mood. Even the neutrals like Truffle, Twilight, and Oyster are a little different, and they look great with a pop of Sunrise or Seaglass! I love wearing FP color all year ’round so I can secretly pretend I am in Key West or Martha’s Vineyard, two of my happy places.

    • May 7, 2012


      Thanks for sharing, Sally! I am also a huge fan of Sunrise…it really does brighten up your day!

  • May 5, 2012

    Sharon Tedford

    I usually add a colorful material covered comb to my french twist. Pull one of the colors in your outfit!

    • May 7, 2012


      Great idea, Sharon! Thanks for the tip!

  • May 5, 2012

    Barbara Iannone

    I tried six times to order on your website unsuccessfully. I had to call your store in La Jolla and place a phone order. I spent over $300. Your website should be more user friendly than frustrating!

    • May 7, 2012


      Hi, Barbara. What problem did you encounter when trying to place an order online? If you’ve recently had difficulty getting the site to load, we suggest going to your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) settings and clearing your cache. We have had a lot of updates lately and your browser may be trying to store all of our old data, too. It should help with the site. Hope you found some great things from our La Jolla store!