The ‘LET’S GO GIRLS’ Spirit

The theme of our birthday celebration is LET’S GO GIRLS! We truly love this message as it is inclusive, energetic, and supportive of the many amazing women in our community.

Reaching out and giving back to the Fresh Produce communities has been a major initiative this year with beach cleanups, education around the ocean, environment, and helping the bees, and giving tees to help food banks, Sanibel Sea School, and the Boulder Growing Gardens. It’s been a wonderful journey and we’ve met many amazing people along the way.

We’d love to take a moment to recognize a few of the inspirational women we worked with on these outreach programs. We feel that they truly encompass the LET’S GO GIRLS motto as they drive the organizations helping so many people and important causes.

Kelli is the Capital Campaign Director at Harry Chapin Food Bank, which provides food for 28,000 individuals in need each week. She has been with the food bank for nearly four years and was instrumental in setting up the thriving partnership with Fresh Produce.

Chrissy is a (beloved) former store manager for Fresh Produce who is now the Director of Development at Sanibel Sea School. Her sons have attended the school programs for many years and she is enthusiastic about supporting an organization she is so passionate about.

Leah is the Director of Communications at Sanibel Sea School with quite the experience: studied zoology at NC State, baboon behavior in Tanzania, wrote a thesis on the shark fin trade at UBC, was a marine scientist in Belize, and has held several roles at Sanibel Sea School.

Elinor is the young founder of ‘Trash Stash’ – reusable, personal-sized trash bags that allow people to store their trash so it doesn’t accidentally enter the environment. She is also a recipient of grants by the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit and Disney Friends of Change.

BeeChicas are an advocacy group of women beekeepers committed to promoting healthy pollinators and inspiring people to become stewards of the environment. The group is very active in their community and host many fun and educational events to spread the love for bees.

We are so grateful for these women, the wonderful work they are doing, as well as their special partnership and friendship!

Do you know any women who encompass the LET’S GO GIRLS spirit? We’d love to hear!


  • June 21, 2017

    Joyce Chesney

    How do you get involved, I have worn these clothes for maybe 30 years.

  • June 22, 2017

    Carol Lavigne

    Where can I buy thee clothes?