The History Behind Our Favorite Beachwear Classics

Summer bliss is a closet overflowing with island-inspired shapes, tropical prints, and sunny hues that remind us of the surf at sunrise. Have you ever wondered where these fantastic beach favorites originated? Historically speaking, the coastal classics we know and love have been around for centuries. Read up on a few favorites.



Whether you lovingly call them capris, long, or three-quarter shorts, the popular pant took its name from the sunny seaside Isle of Capri along the colorful coast of Italy. Designed as a more flattering and feminine version of a standard pant, capris bloomed in the late 1940’s. It wasn’t until the following decade that Hollywood starlets Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn made capris the go-to pant they are today. Our version of the wear-anywhere capris is true to that same fashion-forward attitude and no-nonsense style as the beloved classic.


This versatile favorite sprung up along the sparkling coasts of South Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, parts of Africa and the Pacific Islands in the early 1900’s. Hollywood put the sarong in the spotlight with the colorful costumes worn by The Sarong Girl, star of the 1930’s and 1940’s South Sea drama. Today, the sarong has matured into beach cover-ups and wrap skirts, but vibrant patterns and inspired hues are still part of its enduring charm.



Form follows function with the Native American Andes-inspired poncho, originally created to fend off rain, wind or cold. The style is simple and brilliant — a rectangular or square-shaped cut of fabric with a center opening for your head. While woven textiles and bands of colors from South America have dressed up the poncho over the years, the simplicity of this fashion staple is pure beach-wearing inspiration.

Sun Hats


We’re endless sun seekers here at Fresh Produce, so we appreciate the sun hat as both a stylish accessory and a stay-shaded essential. Whether you wear it to the beach, or to complement a pretty sundress, there’s no disputing the sun hat’s wide-brimmed appeal. It dates back to early civilization — as long as we’ve had sun, we’ve had sun hats. Our modern spin on this timeless classic takes sun hats in a new, uplifting direction.

Graphic Prints

We’re turning back our own clock to reveal a little history of the Fresh Produce collection of coastal-inspired screen prints. It was 1984 when the LA Games with its vibrant, multi-colored logo created a wave of popularity. It was here that Mary Ellen Vernon, co-founder of Fresh Produce, began designing colorful graphic tees that were just what the crowds wanted. Fresh Produce was born and the rest is history. Today, we continue to be influenced by the world around us, whether it’s the floral intensity of Hawaii, the architectural lines of Paris, or tribal art shapes of Indonesia. Inspiration is everywhere you look.

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