Swell Momentum: Beach Cleanups

“Helping to clean up our local beaches and coastlines is a swell place to start for Fresh Produce.”  

-Mary Ellen Vernon, Fresh Produce co-Founder


The beach and inspiration drawn from the coast are part of our brand DNA. We love the beach. We love the ocean. We love our Fresh Produce communities. When brainstorming ways to help these communities and give back, the answer was clear: beach Meet Up & Clean Ups!

We decided to start this #Swell movement in Florida, where there are 10 Fresh Produce stores and 1,350 miles of coastline. We worked with local teams and organizations in Sarasota, Sanibel, Key West, Delray, Fort Lauderdale to identify the spaces that needed help and recruit the wonderful cleanup crews.


meetupcleanupkit_rev2-copy-2v2The cleanups were planned for the week of Valentine’s — to spread the love and show the love for our beaches, ocean and communities. We drove 877 miles to the many destinations and combed several miles of sugar white sand. The teams filled 16 burlap bags (while wearing ‘surfer pink’ and ‘sunset coral’ gloves) primarily with cigarette butts and small scraps… as you can probably imagine… this was a LOT of trash!


The spirit, enthusiasm, and camaraderie on each cleanup was truly inspiring. After every event, the teams wanted to do more and keep the momentum going. And it is — already, we feel the swell building and have several more Meet Up & Clean Ups planned (stay tuned).

We’ll let these photos tell more of the story for us… enjoy!

Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, FL


Colony Beach in Sanibel, FL


Dog Beach in Key West, FL


Las Olas Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Sandoway Park Beach in Delray, FL



170203_meetup-socialpostOur goal is to fill 300 bags of trash this year as part of our #Swell Meet Up & Clean Up efforts. The ultimate goal is to give back, help others, and inspire others to live their own #SimplySwellLife. We hope you will join us on future events, and bring this swell momentum into your own communities! Together, we can make our beaches, parks, and outdoor spaces a beautiful place to be.

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