Spring Cleaning for the Soul


There are lots of things that come to mind when we think of spring—blooming flowers, fresh air, the return of buzzing life. But what really stands out in our minds is the light. All of a sudden the dreary days of winter, glooming clouds are lifted and the sun starts to shine brighter. It’s also why we start to notice the dirt in our homes and the useless things that we’ve collected over winter. Then comes spring cleaning, of course. This got us thinking. As much as we love the new brightness of spring, have we ever stopped to do a little spring cleaning for ourselves, for our soul? We’ve come up with ways to help rid the clutter and negativity in your life, so you can be as refreshed as the season.

Out with the Old

As you donate the clothes you didn’t wear over the winter and getting rid of the clutter, start thinking about the things that are creating clutter in your soul.  Another way of looking at it is moving forward and moving on.  Gossip, stress, bad habits and bad relationships weigh you down. You need to purge the bad, so you have more space for good.

Get Moving

During winter, it’s easy to make an excuse and decide to skip the gym. “It’s too cold,” or “Why bother working out when I can hide under sweaters?” The list is endless.  Don’t let these excuses follow you into the next season. Take a walk on your own or schedule one each day with your neighbors. Buy a bike. There are so many comfy options out there like beach cruisers and hybrids. Believe us, riding bikes is just as fun as it was when you were a kid. Exercise is good for you, and should always be enjoyable.

Recycle Negative Thoughts

Have you ever noticed how often you think negative thoughts throughout the day? People, especially women, put themselves down numerous times a day. Starting this spring, really listen to your thoughts and catch them when there aren’t too nice. The power of positive thinking will make a bigger difference than you might realize. Next time you think how a co-worker upset you that day, turn it into something good like thinking of one person that made you feel good or a great conversation you might have had. Make sure they are honest.

Create Goals

This is the fun part! What do you want to get accomplished this spring? What great new things can you add to your life? It could be something you want to accomplish at work to something personal like making time to paint more or to do something you really enjoy. Big or small, make a list, and give yourself a realistic deadline.

Switch It Up

We like having schedules and keeping track of our to-do lists, but it’s also a good idea to switch things up a little. From your schedule to what you typically have for breakfast, change it up. Routines can put you in a rut and can even limit your creativity. Change in most cases is good. Start with your wardrobe. If you tend to wear lots of solid colors, add in some prints. There are lots of new spring styles available at Fresh Produce that will make it easy to switch things up.


Give some thought to what’s been making you happy or unhappy.  Ask yourself these questions: When am I experiencing the most stress? How am I sleeping? What people are holding me back?  Be honest with yourself, and begin to make the changes you need to be happy.

What spring cleaning will you do this season? Let us know what your favorite practices are?


  • April 1, 2014


    I was fortunate to have seen this wonderful idea of making everyday brighter. And Spring is so bright and lovely, a wonderful time to start being happier.

    • April 7, 2014

      Rebecca Michuda

      Thank you for sharing. Spring truly is the time to refresh and start living bright if you haven’t already. Keep shining!