Spread the LOVE, Feel the LOVE

It’s Valentine’s Day! To spread the love, we are excited to partner with several communities and charitable organizations this week, as part of our #Swell initiative. Do you want to feel the love too? Join us! It’s hard to beat that wonderful, warm fuzzy feeling you get when participating in a worthy cause and helping others.


Our first partner is the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida — an organization that works tirelessly to fight hunger and feed hope. The food bank provides food for more than 28,000 individuals each week. Last year, the Harry Chapin Food Bank distributed 20.6 million pounds of food, provided 17 million meals, and turned every $1 into $8 worth of food for those in need. WOW! We are throwing a #Swell party at our Boca Grande Fresh Produce Store that will offer a ‘Giving T’ (featuring this awesome artwork) to support their cause. For each tee sold, $5 will go to the Harry Chapin Food Bank to help fight hunger.

Next we are working with the Sanibel Sea School on a series of great events. Their mission is to improve the ocean’s future one person at a time. The school is dedicated to vibrantly teaching children and adults about marine ecosystems. It also serves a variety of local organizations, teaching underprivileged and at-risk children and teens; some who live within twenty miles of the ocean and have never seen it. Our partnership will start with a beach cleanup and end with a #Swell party at our Sanibel Fresh Produce Store. A ‘Giving T’ was designed expressly for the Sanibel Sea School, and $5 from each tee sold will go back to the school in hopes of sharing our mutual passion and love for the ocean.

We will also have several ‘Trash Stash‘ bags on hand created by Elinor Rienzo, a local recipient of grants by the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit and Disney Friends of Change. Elinor’s ‘Trash Stash’ program is working to create reusable, personal-sized trash bags that will allow people to store their trash so it doesn’t accidentally enter the environment. These bags will clip to bikes, beach bags, back-packs and lots of other places. Her efforts will work to prevent the issue of marine debris at its source. We think her bags are the perfect way to keep the cleanup effort and momentum going!

Additionally, six #Swell beach cleanups are planned throughout the week (in Sarasota, Sanibel Island, Naples, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and Delray) to give back to those local communities. Please join us, or contribute to your own community in your own way. Our personal goal is to fill 300 bags during these cleanups (“bags of love” we like to call it) to make a positive impact and spread the love on these beautiful beaches.

Above all, the mission of our #Swell initiative is to inspire and support women in their life journey. A big part of that is helping women connect with other women and contribute in some way — our events are a great way to do so! Small acts turn into big acts that build the SWELL.

Check out this list for more details on all of the events mentioned above!

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  • February 25, 2017


    Please tell me how to buy the ” love the ocean” tshirts! I have a few gals that I would like to gift them to. Thanks!