Soak up the Last Drops of Summer

Summer is coming to a close and cooler days are just around the corner. Why not soak up the last few rays of shimmery fun, before sweater weather is here to stay? There are still plenty of pleasant breezes to absorb, mild sunsets to admire, and shooting stars to wish upon. We found five ways to help get your end-of-summer party started.

Open-air Action. You love movies, and you love the outdoors. So grab the girlfriends and head to the local drive-in. Chances are you’ll catch a classic favorite. You can wear your pajamas and enjoy tasty popcorn under an open sky. Can’t get to a drive-in? Recreate the experience in your own backyard. Pair your film pick with a delicious movie-themed dinner and dress it up with our Live In Cowlneck top.

Old Drive in theater

Nature Nurtures. Escape the day and get outdoors for a one-on-one with nature. If you live by a beach, make your way to the shore. You’ll have ideal weather for long strolls, watching the tide lap at the sandy edge. Live near a mountainous region? Take a hike through scenic backcountry or make your way through a lush nature preserve. Our Windy Hoodie will keep the evening breezes at bay.

2 children play along the beach at sunset

Raise a Glass. Girls’ wine tasting weekend anyone? Your timing couldn’t be better as the last drops of summer cast a ripe spell over grapes soon to be harvested. Toast the fruits of your labor and celebrate good friends and vintage memories. Take along the Vintage Slub Cardigan to stay warm when evening rolls around.


It’s Only Fair. County fairs can be a festival for the eyes, ears and of course, the taste buds. There’s plenty to offer, from glossy neon midway games to the colorful collection of blue ribbon-winning pies. Where else can you enjoy a deep fried twinkie? Stroll gorgeously through the carnival rides, beer garden or exhibit hall in our Caroline Capris.


Take a Moment. We love the symmetry of moving from one season to the next. It’s a perfect time to regroup, reflect and rediscover your center. The best places for this are close to the soothing sounds of an ocean, lake or river. Preferably with a note pad and pen… and no cell phone. What’s your special place of inspiration?

Take a minute to pause, relive your best-loved summer experiences, and carry those carefree moments with you into fall. 

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