SELF LOVE in Sanibel

This shouldn’t be called education. It’s about seeing, smelling, discovering, feeling and finally, because it’s time – learning. This kind of learning changes people’s lives.


Sanibel Sea School has many programs, activities and camps for people of all ages. The school is dedicated to vibrantly teaching children and adults about marine ecosystems – animals, people, plants, land, ocean and weather.

The co-Founder and Director, Bruce Neill, shared his thoughts on teaching children at Sanibel Sea School. Below are just a few points that really resonated with us, as don’t we all want to be treated this way?

  • The #1 rule is BE KIND
  • Encourage kids to fail – so they reach, pick themselves up, and learn
  • Expect more of kids and set the bar high (they will reach it)
  • The best way to teach people how to love the ocean is to show love ourselves
  • Value students as individuals; value the animals we observe
  • Treat kids and their problems as significant

The last bullet is a big one. We all have problems and worries weighing us down. That’s why Sanibel Sea School has a traditional ceremony called “give your worries to the sea” – for attendees of every age to acknowledge and release their problems.

We were invited to participate and found the experience very uplifting. First everyone wrote their worries on a piece of paper, next we burned these worries in a bonfire, then we walked along a beautiful path to the beach, and sprinkled the ashes (our worries) into the sea.


It worked! The mood for the remainder of the day was so light, cheery, festive and fun. The symbolic gestures were wonderfully effective and therapeutic. We invite you to try this at home!


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