Sea Star Collection & Inspiration

Inspired by “The Starfish Story”, our newest print reminds us that small steps each day can help lead to big changes!

sea star 2

There is much symbolism and many wonderful stories about starfish. We read that…

Starfish are reflections of stars in the sky inhabiting the ocean floor. Symbolizing rebirth, starfish have a remarkable ability for regeneration. If a starfish is cut in half, two starfish will grow. An illustration of equality and teamwork, each of the limbs of the starfish work together for the benefit of the whole. Along with the star, the starfish holds characteristics to include that of guidance, intuition, inspiration, brilliance & vigilance.

This really resonated with the Fresh Produce team — so much that we just had to make it part of our Spring 2017 collection!

sea star

The limited edition Sea Star print can be found on these six styles: Sunset Sweatshirt, Drape Dress, Keepsake T, Key Largo Pedal Pusher, Sundial Gauze Scarf, and Kids Ruffle Dress.

colors v2

Plus, there are nine vibrant colors to choose from: sunset coral, peri, luna, deep dive, creamsicle, citrus lime, swimming pool, vapor, and classic white. Each item is garment dyed — a process that makes our clothing look and feel sun washed, beach worn, and unique (as no two are exactly alike).


We hope that you find inspiration in our sea star print too, and have great fun wearing this stylish yet comfortable collection! Live life. Enjoy color. Revel in this simply swell life.



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