Savor the Summer

All the signs are there—bare feet, sun kissed skin, long days, warm nights, vacations—summer’s in full swing and we couldn’t be happier. How time seems to slow down, how suddenly we can justify spending an entire afternoon reading and how you start appreciating the simple things more— It’s great, isn’t it? Nothing beats summertime. That’s why every year we want it to last just a little. bit. longer. From relaxing to enjoying the simple moments, here’s how you can savor the summer to every last drop of sunshine.

Plan a Trip.

From one long trip to many short ones, try to plan at least some sort of getaway this summer. The anticipation of an upcoming trip can be just a good for you as the actual trip. It gives you something to look forward to, which is always fun. We like to keep our vacations simple and stress free because we feel more relaxed that way.

Eat More Ice Cream (or any summer treat).

What did you get when the ice cream truck came around? Did your mom have a special summertime treat she would make? Stir up some nostalgia and dive into a tasty treat that reminds you of your childhood summers. If the actual ice cream shop from your childhood still exists, make a trip to visit. Soon you’ll start remembering your summers as kid, and those were the best ones, right?

Get Outside.

Most of us don’t get warm weather year round, so when summer hits that means we can actually get out and enjoy it. If afternoons by you are too hot, take a walk in the morning or at night when temps are cooler. Try eating alfresco more often, too. Even if it’s having your morning coffee on the patio, your spirit will love the fresh air and sunshine.

Reconnect with Friends.

Hopefully you have a little more downtime in summer and your schedule is a bit more open. This is a great time to reconnect with an old friend. Whether it’s a phone date or a lunch date, go ahead and catch up. Why not make the move and get in touch? You’ll be happy you did, and so will they.

Enjoy the Moment.

We believe that quieting the noise around us is one way to living a colorful life. It’s important to have moments to yourself because it lets your spirit breathe and just be. Whatever it is that you truly love about summer, take the time and just enjoy it for what it is. It could be watching your grandchildren play in the grass, sipping lemonade on the porch, watching a sunrise or sunset, walking on the beach—embrace it and take it all in. During these moments, we like to think about what we’re grateful for. And simple moments like these always top the list.

How do you like to savor summer?


  • July 4, 2014

    ellen lathlean

    I’m pleased that your clothing is 80% made in America. I wish it all was!
    I always try to buy American made products, whether it is clothing, furniture, food, or dog food.

    I’ve been wearing Fresh Produce since buying my first shirt in Seal Beach in the ’80s, and continued purchasing from retailers in Long Beach, Pleasanton, and Hawaii. and online.. I love your clothing. It’s comfortable, colorful and stylish.

    I continue wearing it, and feel stylish, even though I’m now 80!

    • July 8, 2014

      Rebecca Michuda

      Thanks for your comment, Ellen. We’re so happy you’ve been a fan since the beginning!

  • October 8, 2014


    Can you still order on line?