Relax, It’s The New Year

Welcome the new year with a resolution to relax. Read our top tips to relax and share your favorites with us!breathedeep

Breathe deep.

Our Online Business Manager has this helpful reminder posted on her computer. Enhance the oxygen in your lungs by breathing deep for 60 seconds every hour. It will help relax you and remind you to take a minute to refresh.

Just say, “Spaaaaah”

Whether it’s a hot stone massage, a relaxing facial or a rejuvenating complete spa experience, make a point to take a spa day for yourself every once in a while. Make sure to sign up with a deals site, like Living Social, to get great deals on local spas…the only thing better than a spa day is two spa days for the price of one!

Fall in love with lavender

Add the scent of lavender to your beauty routines to add spa touches at home. Try our best-selling lavender soap, just light some candles and suds up! Mist your pillow with a lavender spray or dap essential oil on your temples for the ultimate relaxing experience at home. Studies show the scent of lavender sends impulses to your brain that controls emotion to help you relax.

Brighten up.

Use color to your advantage! Pink is known to inspire peacefulness. Yellow will lift your spirits and help you stay positive. Green will help you rest. Blue is known to have the best stress management qualities, known to make you feel cool and calm. Wear these colors to enhance your mood and keep them in mind with redecorating!


We really believe laughter is the best medicine…humor is a great way to relieve stress. It releases endorphins that help you feel better and maintain an overall positive attitude…plus it burns calories!

What’s your favorite way to relax? Share by commenting!

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  • January 5, 2013

    Lisa Mackenzie

    love your store sooooo much. I first went in person to your store in Key West and bought 700 dollars of clothes and shipped home to Pennsylvania. We have some of your clothes in Nordstroms in King of Prussia- but only a few pieces. I order on line or when traveling – go to the store. The colors- spectacular, the comfort- unbelievable and they don’t fade or shrink. Ahhhhhh- just the colors alone life my depression. Thank you soooo much!!! I only wean your clothes in summer, birkenstock papillas and in winter- clarks (and winter clothes- but under my sweaters- I have a cotton Fresh Product Tee underneath). Lisa