Print Story: Sunset Sky and Daybreak

Have you seen the two newest prints in the Fresh Produce collection? Allow us to introduce Sunset Sky and Daybreak — 2 very different styles that help complete our colorful and eclectic print collection.

So much goes into every print: trend research, artistic sketches, revisions, printing on sample fabric, more revisions, and, at last, the final result. It’s such an exciting process to see a new design come together, and often take on a path and personality of its own.

We spoke to the design team to get more information on these works of art… and without further ado, here are more details about the inspiration behind Daybreak and Sunset Sky!


How would you describe the prints?

  • Sunset Sky: Inspired by Navajo Ganado pattern, we created a geometric weavings blend with the traditional diamond shape in cool, vibrant shades.
  • Daybreak: This print design is a whimsical shell and butterfly line work that playfully weave together with stripes, using in an indigo ink as a base.

What were the trend inspirations?

  • Sunset Sky: Was inspired by the Ganado Pattern, a classic weaving technique introduced to the Navajo in the late 1800s (and popular ever since)
  • Daybreak: A loose interpretation of the Indigo Extremes & Earth Angel trend forecasted for the Spring / Summer 2017 print and color guide.

What makes the prints so unique?

  • Sunset Sky: The “Ganado” design typically used deep red vegetal dyes to create a borderless, geometric rug. We used this inspiration to fit Fresh Produce with more pastel colors and less sharp lines of the diamond pattern, to create a softer more feminine design.
  • Daybreak: We love that some people see seashells and others see butterflies in this print. The intricate line art becomes a great grounding element for the motifs. Or as one teammate said, “I don’t know why they call them butterflies, they should be called fly-bys”.


It’s so neat to have a better understanding on how these designs come together, and anecdotes on the pieces in your closet. Don’t you agree? We hope you love Sunset Sky and Daybreak as much as we do!

What else would you like to know about our design process? Comment below and we’ll be sure to add your questions to our next interview!

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