Power of Music

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

You’re driving in the car on a beautiful, sunny day, the radio is on and the windows are cracked just a bit. You’re feeling good, content, enjoying the day. But then a really, really great song comes on the radio. Maybe it’s an oldie, but goodie from years ago, or maybe it’s a new tune that perks your ears. Soon, the windows are all the way down and the radio is turned all the way up because you just got that feeling. That feeling when you hear a song that makes you wanna dance, that makes your heart sing, that makes you want to sing. That feeling that starts deep inside and then spreads to every point of your body.  We call that feeling the power of music.

The power of music is pretty, well, powerful. And the healing power of music? Well, music is therapy, and it’s capable of lowering stress levels, increasing positive emotions. This results in slowing down your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure and decreasing stress hormones and anxiety.  Sounds relaxing, right?

And in case you are in need of a little music inspiration, we have just what you need.  In celebration of our 30th birthday this month, we are launching our very own radio station, Radio in Color. During the entire month of June, you’ll be able to tune in 24/7 to our nonstop, internet radio channel. We’ll have a variety or sunny, feel-good tunes playing around the clock, as well as inspiring interviews with Fresh Produce Founder Mary Ellen Vernon.  We hope you’ll listen to Radio in Color on your own and with your friends. So tune in, turn it up and let the good times roll!

Click here for the radio player.

If you are having trouble listening to Radio in Color on your mobile device, download the free TuneIn Radio app on any mobile device here. Then simply search “Fresh Produce Radio in Color.”

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