Perfect-For-You Skirts

Every woman wants to look and feel her best, but everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. This month, we’ve put together some tips on types of skirts that are best for your body type.

If you have an “apple” body type, your shoulders are wider than your hips. When you pick out clothes, you’ll want to think about creating balance between your top and bottom halves. Pair a shorter skirt with a slimming tunic top or a blouse that has a fitted waist with a flared skirt; dresses with an empire waist will work great for you, too.

The Fresh Produce Forget-Me-Not Skirt is perfect for you. The fullness will add curves to your lower half, and it’s the right length to show off your legs; most ladies with an “apple” shape have great legs!

If your hips are bigger than your bust, you have a “pear” body type. You will want to create balance by pairing bright or patterned tops with darker bottoms. The key is to add the illusion of width to your shoulders and draw the eye upward by wearing tops with ruched sleeves or wide or cowl necklines.

A dark colored A-line skirt that hits just below the knees is just right for you. Pair this Fresh Produce Standout Convertible Dress in a darker color with a fitted top that has details around the neckline or even a pattern to draw the eye upward, create balance and look great!

A “straight” body looks best in styles that help create curves. Look for blouses with dimensional details like layers, or even a detail as simple as a v-neck. Contrasting styles work well for you, too, such as a flare skirt paired with a fitted top. You can even use accessories to help create balance with your figure; wear a necklace around your neck and a stretch belt at your waist to give the illusion of more curves.

Our Waterfall Skirt is just perfect for you. The details on the side and uneven hem are details that add balance and curves. Voila…you couldn’t look better!

An “hourglass” figure features a defined waist with shoulders and hips that are equal in width. You should aim to accent your waist and feminine curves. Try a v-neck wrap blouse or a strapless dress with a defined waist…any style that fits well at your waist will look great on you.

The Fresh Produce What it Seams Skirt is ideal for you because it is fitted at the hips and flows down. Pair it with a fitted top to show off your curves!

Do you have a skirt you think works best for you body type? Let us know what you think by commenting!

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