OCEAN LOVE in Sanibel

Here’s an insider travel tip: when in Sanibel, make a visit to the Sanibel Sea School.



We were fortunate to spend a morning at the school, which was such an incredible and inspirational experience. We learned so much that we want to share with you all. Too much for just one article, so this is the start of our Sanibel series…

The mission at Sanibel Sea School is one every beach and ocean lover can get behind:

At Sanibel Sea School our vision is a world where all people value, understand and care for the ocean. Our mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time.


They ask people to “Go commando for the ocean!” — this means stripping some habits, that are very easy to modify and help the environment tremendously.

  • No more single use water bottles or grocery bags
  • Give up meat just one day each week for “Meatless Mondays”
  • Don’t let water run while brushing teeth
  • Forego single car trips (i.e. quick trip to the market) when you can bike or walk instead
  • Turn off lights
  • Tell people why you are doing this to spark interest and spread the word


Imagine… what an impact these small changes will make. We can do this! So can you!


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