Necessities for a Perfect Day at the Beach

The first day of Summer is just around the corner.  The days are getting longer, drinks are getting cooler, and the water is getting warmer!  And while you’re switching out the heavy, winter clothes for lighter, brighter pieces, we put together a list of the top necessities you’ll need to have an absolutely flawless first day at the beach!


  • Swimsuit Cover-Up: This is a necessity not only while you are at the beach, but also for a quick cover up to walk around the boardwalk or to the bar for a tropical drink.
    Terry Tunic ($75) & Fringe Poncho ($59) 
  • A Sun Hat: A must to keep both your skin and your hair protected from the UV rays. Keeping the rays off your skin will save it from premature aging and wrinkles, while keeping it off of your hair will save it from over-drying and becoming brittle.
    Victoria Diva Hat ($38)


  •  Jewelry: Having a bright piece of jewelry will give an extra pop to any swimsuit or beach cover up.  Try to keep the jewelry as natural as possible, such as a coral necklace or a bracelet made of beach glass.
    Coral Sunrise Necklace ($69)
  • The Beach Bag: Sun lotion, a towel, sunglasses, your wallet, your favorite book, an iPod, hair ties… all are a must for the perfect day at the beach.  It would be a disaster to try to carry everything without a protective, over-sized beach tote. The best kinds of beach totes will have a top closure to keep the sand out and plenty of zipper pockets.
    Canvas Beach Tote ($19.99) & Custom House Gulls Bag($130)
  •  A Sweatshirt: You don’t want to miss out on an evening beach sunset or bonfire because of the temperature drop.  Always pack an extra layer to be prepared for anything that the night can bring!
    Trim Hoodie ($89)
  •  Wrinkle-free Shorts: The shorts you pack for the beach should be made of non-wrinkling material.  You don’t want to waste any time folding up your clothes, so keep the material as natural as possible (cotton and silk are best).  This material will allow you to throw the shorts in and out of your beach bag without wrinkling.
    Pacific Shorts ($39)
  • Neon Hair Ties: Colorful hair ties keep your hair back without damaging it or causing creases. Keep the colors bright, or match them with your swimsuit cover up!
  • 50+ SPF Sunscreen: While a little sun exposure without sunscreen gives a healthy dose of Vitamin D, excessive UV-exposure has been linked to premature aging (wrinkles!), freckles, sun spots and cancer. Make sure you cover your entire body while at the beach to lower your risk of these sun side effects.

    What do you pack for your first summer beach day!?

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