National Color Day: How Color Impacts Us

At Fresh Produce, we celebrate color on a daily basis. In recognition of National Color Day, we thought that it would be fun to dig a little deeper into how color can impact our moods and interactions with others.

We’ve been reading a fabulous book called “Color Energy: How Color Can Transform Your Life.” Authors Anthony Gill (Tony) and Cristina Bornstein (Tina) explain how every color gives off an energetic vibration that is absorbed by our bodies when we wear it. Specific colors relate to each of our seven chakras and the colors we choose to wear complement or augment subtle imbalances within ourselves. Adding to the equation, we’re unconsciously attracted to colors that we “need,” so all we have to do is go with our gut

Here are some tips and color strategies for everyday situations:

  • For a good first impression: always use color – it will communicate that you’re in balance.
    o Blue = confidence,
    o Red = energy,
    o Yellow = happiness,
    o Pink and Green = love
    o Purple = spirituality
  • For an important meeting where you need to communicate clearly, try Blue. And maybe sneak in a little Red or Yellow for confidence. This also works for a job interview. Add Orange to showcase your creativity.
  • Don’t forget neutrals — they never overpower, whether dealing with friends, a spouse, or coworkers. Tan is grounding and allows for good communication. Eggshell and Cream are relaxing and inquisitive. Khaki and Olive imply and project strength.
  • For a night out, Blue is reassuring, while Red is more assertive. If you’re nervous, Green will calm you down. And Orange is all about sociability.
  • What about the ubiquitous Black? This wardrobe staple actually helps us handle change. Its counterpart, White, is often associated with summer and relaxation. It helps us to let go of negativity and facilitates a mental cleanse.

Fresh Produce founder Mary Ellen Vernon has been quoted saying she uses color to “feed” her, and that “life is too short for beige!” She uses the vibrational energy from the colors she wears and colors from the FP line to help get her creative juices flowing, and to inspire each woman who puts on a Fresh Produce style!

We’ve also been inspired by these color theories in the design and decoration of our office. Instead of having plain white walls, we’ve added colorful quotes and photographs to keep our office positive and full of energy.

One last bit of knowledge from authors Tony & Tina: Color energy is also absorbed through our thoughts. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or tired, try this quick color meditation for a mental boost any time, any place.

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