Life is Better at the Beach


To us, life is all about the beach. The beach is where we started, where we grew up.  From out of a VW bus in Long Beach, California, Fresh Produce was born. Mary Ellen and Thoms Vernon sold  graphic tees out of their bus at the 1984 LA Olympics. The designs sold out, so they printed more. And more. Thirty years later, our brand is run with the same passion that kicked off the adventure and still looks to the spirit of the coast for inspiration. We love soaking up the sun, playing in the waves and listening to the sea. It’s true; life really is better at the beach.

The spirit of the coast is where find inspiration for our sun drenched colors, unique prints and effortless styles. From the depths of the sea to the warmth of a sunset, we find the hues and shades to create our ever changing color palette. Our prints are imagined from life at the coast. From the clouds in the sky, to the breaking waves, to the seashells on the beach, down to the sand between our toes, we find inspiration everywhere in the beach lifestyle. Our effortless styles reflect how the beach makes us feel—relaxed, comfortable and ready for some fun.

This month, we’re celebrating “Life is Better At the Beach” with a special giveaway. We’re giving you a chance to win a custom Fresh Produce Beach Cruiser at all 26 store locations, plus one more online. Whether you live on the coast or inland, you’ll be able to bring the spirit of the beach with you whenever you ride it. Find a store near you or enter to win online on our Life is Better At the Beach Sweepstakes Page. You may just ride away with a new pair of wheels.

Please share with us why you think Life is Better At the Beach. Make sure to use #BetterAtTheBeach on Facebook and Twitter, so we can follow your responses! Plus, visit our Life is Better at the Beach Board on Pinterest for everything we think represents the spirit of the coast.



  • May 11, 2014

    Sue P.

    Life is wonderful at the beach, but better in the mountains. In the mountains you have clean air, altitude, not attitude and seasons; just as we do in life. I still love and wear Fresh Produce and have for many years. Maybe, Fresh Produce mountain style?
    Your catalog was spectacular, just needed a little mountain moment. And a beach cruiser would be great to load on my Jeep and head to the shore. California is just the best.
    Thank You,
    Sue P.

    • June 2, 2014

      Rebecca Michuda

      Thanks for your comment, Sue. Located in Boulder, CO, we love the mountains, too!