It’s a Colorful Life!

“Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night” ring from the radio. Homes around the neighborhood light up in colored lights. Every street corner, store sign and front door is decorated in red and green, snowflakes and snowmen. Shops and malls are hustling and bustling with everyone in search for the perfect gift.  It’s the holidays as we know it.

This season we’re making it a Colorful Life in every way we can, and we hope you can do the same.  From the holiday shopping to the gift wrapping to entertaining on the big day, life can get a little nuts around this time. This year, craziness aside, we’re spending a little time appreciating the small moments, and really seeing how Colorful life really is.

Stay tuned for more fun topics and trends right here on the blog. Plus, visit our It’s a Colorful Life board on Pinterest for even more colorful holiday inspiration.


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