It’s a C’est la Vie Kind-of-Day

A little French saying has inspired our newest print—C’est la V. We’re diving right into the “That’s life” mentality, embracing a whole new way of life. Even with the stresses of everyday, we’re determined to savor the little things, take more moments for ourselves and do one thing a day that makes us smile. This is how we can live each day to its fullest, allowing us stay confident and balanced.  Here’s a few ways you can embrace a C’est la Vie kind-of-day.


Rise & Shine

It’s carefree mornings sipping coffee at a café or on your back patio. It’s taking your time reading the Sunday paper or a new book. It might be chatting on a morning walk with your friends. It’s hitting the snooze button one…or two…more times than usual. It could start with your usual dish at your favorite breakfast spot. It’s taking quiet moments alone just for you and only you.

Easy, Breezy Afternoons

It’s happy-go-lucky afternoons on the beach. Watch the rise and fall of the tides and listen to the calming sound of crashing waves. Have a picnic to yourself in the warm grass. Take a midday sieste in the sun. Enjoy chocolate covered strawberries to satisfy your sweet tooth. The day is yours, so take hold and make it great.

Winding Down

Evenings are ever-so cheeky and up in the air. Take yourself where your mood leads you. There are no rules, or set plans. Take a new route on your evening walk, try a new restaurant you’ve been meaning to, watch a movie that’s been on your list, or give an old friend a spontaneous call to say hello. Go to bed early or stay up late! The best moments happen when they are unplanned.

 How would you spend your C’est la Vie Kind-of-Day?


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