How-to Wear Color


Incorporating color into your wardrobe can be a little intimidating, especially when we tend to feel safe in black, white and everyday neutrals. However, adding a little or a lot of color to your look gives off a great first impression and can even add cheer to your own spirit. Here are a few ways to get you started!

Pop of Color

An easy, simple way to add color is accenting your look with bright accessories like scarves, jewelry and even belts. Try not to over think what color to wear and just pick something that makes you feel good. Start with a Gauze Scarf, or try a Starburst Wrap for a little more texture. The ways to tie scarves are endless, so you’ll never get bored. A statement piece like the Cloud Burst Necklace would really stand out against black or white tops. Wear multiple bracelets for extra arm candy.

Choose Right

Considering what colors compliment you best is key. Explore color analysis a little deeper to discover what hues pair perfectly with your skin, eye and hair color. For example, people with lighter or pale skin should avoid wearing orange, but someone with olive skin looks the best in purples and blues.

A Neutral Compliment

Pairing a neutral color like black, white or beige with a bright color is a very complimentary way to incorporate color. Play with different tops and bottoms. If you’re a little self-conscious about your lower body, then try a bright colored tee, tank or cardigan with a dark jeans or corduroys. For someone that considers their upper body a troublesome area, stick to colorful bottoms likes capris or a skirt instead. And remember, black is always a slimming choice.

Bright on Bright

For those feeling brave about wearing lots of color, try pairing bright colors with other bright colors. We call this color blocking, which is when you take two or more bold, opposite colors and pair them together. If you’d like to explore this technique, try our Classic Collection and other simple silhouettes in an array of our own original colors. Here are a few color pairings to get you started: Fresh Mango and Spring Green, South Beach Blue and Tea Rose, Bright Coral and Fuchsia, Lemon and Lilac, or Turquoise and Citron.

What color combinations have you grown to love? What unique ways to you use color in your wardrobe?

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