How to Pick Paint Colors to Inspire Different Moods

It’s cooling down outside, and that brings us inside more. When you look at the four walls it’s easy to think about… paint color! Not necessarily the whole house. You can start with one room – add a pop of something playful – and see if it doesn’t do wonders to lift your spirits. The color experts say, think about how a room functions, and then choose a hue that fits. We put together a quick, how-to color guide here.

Liven up the Living Room

What do you do most in this room? Entertain, relax, read, all of the above?

The real conversation starters are warm reds, yellows, oranges and rich brown and beige earth tones. They really get people talking.

lounge zone with rattan armchairs

More Creative Kitchens

Red will also spark creativity in the kitchen. Makes sense when you think about it. Red means energy, passion and action. Yellow is another great pick-me-up when you want to stimulate conversation and of course, appetites.

Interior of a new modern kitchen

Dreamier Bedrooms

Whatever you do, don’t go bold. Lighter shades, earth tones, neutrals or soft cooler colors such as blissful blues, greens and pretty lavenders are the go-to hues for your haven of relaxation. Look at this gallery of cool blue rooms for inspiration. Doesn’t it feel like you’re looking up at the cloudless sky from a beach-side bungalow in a room painted blue?

Beautiful bedroom interior.

Bring Beauty to Bathrooms

Conventional thinking has always leaned ever so slightly toward whites and warmer colors for these quiet places of reflection. Lately though, people are becoming more comfortable with bigger shades such as bright blues, deep greens and gorgeous turquoises.

Modern interior of the turquoise bathroom

Which areas of your house are in need a few fresh coats of inspiration? 

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