How to Decorate Your Bike & Beach Cruiser

It’s spring time and that means bike riding time! Once you get your bikes and beach cruisers out of the garage, it’s time to get decorating. Streamers, baskets and bells bring us back to our bike riding days as children. Well, we think you’re never too old to decorate your bicycle just like you did when we were young. Whether you have a cruiser, coaster or 10 speed, here are some ideas on how to jazz up your ride!
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Handlebar Streamers

We used to love the way our sparkly streamers waved in the wind as we rode our bicycles down the street. To us, they never go out of style. Try making them from ribbon, twine, beads and more. They wave in the wind just the same.

Bike Bell

Ding, ding! Not only are they a safe way to let motorists and other bikers know you’re coming from behind, bells add a fun, musical flair to your decorated bike. Buy them new, or find a used one and paint it yourself.


Everyone needs a basket! Whether you choose a metal or wicker basket, use your favorite fabric to line it. Decorating a bike basket is easy; just recycle your favorite Fresh Produce fabric or pillow case.

Handlebar Tape

The original tape on your handlebars can wear out over time, so replacing it with new tape is ideal. Once you find the perfect tape, the designing begins.

Wheel Spokes

Remember spoke beads and how they made cool clicking sounds as you spun your wheels? From beads to ribbon and even straws, there are so many ways to decorate your spokes. If you enjoy crocheting, then this idea is perfect.


Just like you decoupage an end table or a dresser, you can do the same to your bike. By using photos, magazine clippings or even maps, you can create a really cool, customized bike.

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