How Fresh Produce Made WIshes Come True…

“To the world you might be just one person, but to one person you might be the world.”

Whenever a year is ending, we tend to look back instead of forward. We think of the superficial things that we could have worked on, such as losing weight, making more money, or finally getting that job promotion. It is more rare (yet often more monumental) to look forward instead of backward, and to think about a future other than our own…

This past year, Fresh Produce decided to go against the mainstream and instead, think about our fans. The wishes we received weren’t for grand, impossible or superficial things. Each wish was for something more meaningful that would make one person’s or an entire family’s life just a little bit brighter.

As you read how each wish was granted and look through the photos of happy fans, Fresh Produce hopes that you are inspired to spend 2015 and beyond helping others. Whether it’s simply holding the door for someone struggling to carry grocery bags or donating to your local school instead of buying a new pair of shoes, any gesture, no matter how small, can help someone else live a happier life.

Deb from Lawrenceville, GA who wished “A greenhouse/outdoor classroom for my Title 1 school garden.” For Deb, we donated $2,000 to go towards building the outdoor learning garden for her Title 1 school.

Kellie from Wilmington, NC who wishedI wish my sister and her three children had enough warm clothes and food to get them through the winter.  They live in MA, and their Daddy died 1 1/2 years ago…” Fresh Produce provided $200 towards an upscale restaurant for the family to have Christmas dinner, $300 Amazon gift card, and a $500 gift card to Target to purchase warm clothing! You can see by the pictures below how excited they were for their new gifts.


Nicole from Aurora, CO wished “That our kids could be blessed with Christmas this year, after one of our twins spent 3 months in the hospital, and had 5 surgeries. We just need some Christmas cheer in our lives, anything from a toy to a family vacation we would be blessed and grateful for.” Fresh Produce provided a great long weekend vacation for Nicole and her family! We provided two nights at the luxury Broadmoor Hotel, money to go towards a memorable family dinner, and tickets to the safari. The family had an amazing time, and gave us photos to show how much fun they all had!


Marianne from Melbourne, FL who wished “I wish for 2 winter coats and warm pants for twin girls with Autism in my class. The girls wear a size 12/14 and are in 6th grade… Their Mom cannot afford new clothing…” Two of our Fresh Produce employees went shopping for new clothes for these two twin girls!

Lynette from North Fort Myers, FL who wished “I would love to go to a grocery store, gas station, etc. …and just pay for someone’s groceries or gas for their car. I would just like to pay back some kindness in a world filled with so much conflict.  I know it’s a small act, but it would put a smile on someone’s face and they would remember it for a lifetime.” Fresh Produce was happy to support Lynette’s pay-it-forward wish!  She was provided $500 in gift cards in grocery and gas to surprise strangers with during the holiday season!

Mary Alice from Calverton, NY who wished “Scarfs for all the patients at the Cancer Center at Stony Brook University Hospital in Stony Brook, NY 11794.” Fresh Produce gave new scarves to the hospital, all of which are going to be given to the patients this upcoming Valentine’s day!

Sandi from Dayton, OH made the wish of “New work clothes for my daughter… She is a single mother of two, and this past year our grandson had to have multiple surgeries.  She has given every last penny to her children or doctors.  She works as a preschool teacher, and I know she wants to look nice and professional at work.  But under the circumstances, it’s just not happening for her.” Sandi’s daughter was not only given $1000 for a new Fresh Produce wardrobe, but was also given styling tips on how to outfit each of her new pieces from winter into spring!

photo 4-reSusan from Scottsdale, AZ  “I have a severe nerve disease that has made my entire body very skin sensitive. I started wearing Fresh Produce 20 years ago, and as my disease has progressed, the clothes from Fresh Produce are the only clothes that don’t irritate my skin! Fresh Produce has saved my life! My greatest desire would be to have updated styles!” Susan lives close to the Fresh Produce Scottsdale store, so we provided her not only with $1000 to purchase new clothes, but a personal shopping spree! Susan had the time of her life!

Elizabeth from Fort Myers, FL, who wished “I wish that my sister, who lives in New Jersey, could spend one more week with me in Florida. She has cancer, and we would love to spend a few days together while she’s still able to get around”  We purchased a plane ticket for Elizabeth to use to visit her sister at anytime!

How do you plan to make someone else’s year a little bit brighter? Comment below and inspire others to do the same!

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  • March 2, 2015


    This company has a special interest in people….rare to find, glad I am going to be part of it…keep it coming! Fresh Produce also has refreshing ideas! Love the clothes!