Home Style: Integrating the Feel of Driftwood

Have you ever been walking along a sandy shore, spotted an interesting piece of driftwood and thought, I’d like to take that home? Driftwood is a great way to bring a sunny, beach feeling to any room. So how do you capture the essence of these silvery gray, weather worn shapes into your existing décor? It’s easier than you might think.

Pilings and rope

Color Counts. Driftwood comes in varying shades of gray, so you can make a room warmer or cooler depending on your existing color scheme. Cooler grays set off warm colors and warm grays compliment cooler colors. Choose a nice shade of driftwood according to the rugs, pillows, fabrics or paint colors you have in a particular room.

Soft is Subtle. Pick up a pretty piece of driftwood and you might expect it to feel rough to the touch. It’s actually quite smooth, something it has in common with velvet. Watch what happens to a room when you pair your driftwood with a velvet throw, pillows or a plush sofa. Everything just flows!

Sunny Scent. Don’t you just love the smell of fresh-ocean air gently wafting through your windows? Add a fragrant feel-good touch to your driftwood by placing a rosewood driftwood candle next to it. The smoky scent will feel like a day at the beach.

Earthy Simplicity. We love the beautiful duality of driftwood. Like the shadow of the stars over an upheaved sea, driftwood has been weathered over time into its delicate state. Light and airy, driftwood looks especially nice as a wall hanging or lit up in a dining room chandelier.

Are you ready to try integrating driftwood into your home décor? Tell us about it.   

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