Holiday Travel Tips

With the holiday season comes travel for many of us. Reduce stress in packing and more by following a few quick tips!

  1. Bring along a versatile sweater. We love our Sweater Knit Drape Top for traveling…it’s cozy and comfortable but not too heavy. Layer it in a neutral under or over depending on the weather. Shop cardigans.
  2. Wear the shoes that take up the most room instead of packing them (like your favorite pair of comfortable and stylish boots).
  3. Arrive at the airport earlier than usual for a holiday flight.
  4. Check airport parking areas before you leave home for your flight.
  5. Make sure toiletries are easily accessible, whether in the outside pocket of your carry-on or an easy-to-reach spot in a bag or tote.
  6. Bring along your favorite scarf.
  7. Pack versatile accessories; they allow you to increase your outfit options and add variety.
  8. Roll the heaviest items and put them at the bottom of your suitcase and place the lightest items on top.
  9. Pack a mix of basics in neutral colors and accent pieces in bright colors so you have color for every outfit.
  10. Remember to leave space to bring back gifts!

Are you traveling far this holiday season? Do you have any must-share travel tips? Comment below!

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