Hidden Talent on the FP Team

One of the many reasons we adore our Fresh Produce team: each employee has such a unique set of skills, interests, and experiences. This rolls up into a pretty remarkable and fascinating group of people who contribute in so many different ways.

One example of this is Tiffany, our incredible office coordinator. She was spotted looking through a bin of fabric samples in the design area, another teammate struck up a conversation, and it turns out Tiffany is an accomplished seamstress who makes quilts and and pillows! We are so lucky that she agreed to contribute her talents and make decorative items (out of Fresh Produce fabric) for the recent photo shoot in Sanibel and Captiva Island.

We just love the outcome and wanted to sit down with Tiffany to learn more about her story.

How did you get into sewing?

I have been sewing since high school – mostly make quilts for friends and family members as presents. My cousin has a quilting business (which started as a hobby) and taught me the basics of quilting and how to sew.

How did you get connected with the photo shoot?

When I first started at Fresh Produce, I noticed a big bin of (free) fabric remnants in the design department. I started digging through and grabbing pieces to take home for my next project. I was spotted – and so excited when Gail suggested I make pillows for the shoot. The fabric is all Fresh Produce prints and really brings out the other prints all over the shoot!

How much of an undertaking was this project?

It took about three hours to make six pillows, and 2 hours for the blanket. The blanket was a little more complicated as the team wanted it to be less uniform than a normal quilt. It was really interesting to piece together. I also made a pillow out of the burlap #swell LOVE sack with pom poms.

Is this a hobby or something you want to do more with?

I plan to keep sewing as a hobby. I have found that if you put too much emphasis on something or turn something you really like into a job, you no longer love as much. I really do love making baby quilts, presents, and more.

What are your biggest sewing tips?

There is that old carpenter’s saying, “measure twice, cut once” which is so true! Be sure to have fun with the colors and fabric selections. Go your own way with projects (don’t try to copy others). Also, YouTube is a great resource to help with sewing techniques and problem solving when stuck. Visuals and seeing someone else do it really help me to learn! I have taught myself a lot of new sewing techniques using YouTube.

How do you pick fabrics?

When I don’t have access to a bin of Fresh Produce samples, I select colors and prints based on other inspiration. I usually think about who the gift is intended for and think about what people like or the color scheme of their room.

What makes you successful at sewing?

I am a strange mix of left and right brain – I love the math involved in quilting, just as much as the creative elements like colors and prints. I find quilting to be a really interesting mix of details, math and shapes, and colors and patterns.

Can you tell us a fun fact about your hobby?

I have not kept anything that I’ve made, all have been given as gifts. I once tried to make a quilt for myself, but find there is less motivation when the item is not going to someone.

Any other interesting details?

My cousin (who taught me how to sew) makes civil war reproduction quilts. She grew up in Maryland, where quilting has a deep history. In the 1800s quilt blocks were often used as signs for the underground railroad – to indicate where to go and safe house.

Here are several more unique designs by Tiffany:

Thank you so much, Tiffany, for sharing your love of sewing with us! We are definitely inspired and hope you are too. We’d love to learn about your hobbies and interests… comment below! 

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