Get Wrapped Up With Scarves

We love accessories- and scarves are one of our favorites this season. Scarves easily accent any outfit and add a little pop of color to a dreary winter day. From head wraps to sashes– you’ll be wondering how you ever walked out of the house without one.

Here are four stylish ways to add a little dazzle to your wardrobe with a scarf:

  1. Over The Head– A scarf tied neatly over your head will give you a little mystique (and protect your ‘do from snow and rain). It’s a bright, and welcome addition, of color against the muted tones of winter outerwear.
  2. The Boa– Wrap a scarf once around your neck so the ends are in front of you on each side. Take one end and wind it around the loop so that it spirals around. Then repeat with the other end giving the look of a Boa constrictor wrapped around your neck.
  3. The Waterfall– Create a waterfall look by wrapping the scarf around your neck once, leaving one end a
    little longer than the other. Then take the inside corner of the longer end, bring it towards the opposite side and tuck it into the loop around your neck.
  4. An Accessorized Accessory– Purses are usually neutral colored and sometimes bland. Tie one around your handbag’s strap and give it a little edge and a touch of flare.

How do you wear scarves in other ways? Let us know! Share your tips in the comments.

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  • January 25, 2012


    SILK … in lightweights and in mid-weight charmeuse … with signature FP colors & prints would be so lovely. By comparison cotton and rayon are so, well, clunky.

    Love FP!