For the LOVE of BEES

Have you heard the buzz? The bees need our help! That’s why we are partnering with the Boulder BeeChicas this Earth Day to spread the word. Here are 5 (simple) things you can do to save the bees!


Well, #5 (build a native bee home) may be a bit more complicated, so we rounded up some great resources for you. First, you need to identify the native bees and as time permits, learn more about them with great sites like this one!

Then it’s time to build! Fortunately, there are many options around size, materials, and complexity. This site has many beautiful examples of bee homes, and we love this tutorial on how to build a simple bamboo bee house (similar to what we’ll make at our store event).


You can do this anywhere, anytime!

We are so excited to help our local bees this Earth Day with a fun and educational event at our Boulder, Colorado store! Join us from 11am-2pm to: learn more about helping bees, make your own native bamboo bee home, and enjoy kid’s bee crafts. Plus, a charitable ‘For the Love of Bees’ tee will be offered to support the Boulder-based Growing Gardens. See you there!

For our friends outside of Colorado: stay tuned for more bee buzz and Earth Day giveaways!


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