Finding Your Holiday Spirit


Finding Your Holiday Spirit

It seems every year the holidays are starting early and earlier. Just once you’ve gotten settle into fall, pumpkins and November, the holidays take over. That quick transition can get you all out of whack and bring out your inner Scrooge. Here are a few fun ways you can find your holiday spirit again. Don’t worry, it’s in there!

Watch a Christmas Movie

Cuddle up with a warm blanket and hot cup of cocoa and sit down to watch a few great holiday movies. Nothing gets us more in the spirit than George Bailey and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Get Involved & Donate Your Time

One key to happiness is being a part of something bigger than you. Although this serves true all year round, the holidays are a great time to start. Donate presents to unprivileged children or purchase all the food and necessities for someone’s holiday dinner. Knowing you made someone’s holiday brighter, will bring out your own spirit.

Make a Gift

Giving a homemade gift will always be more cherished than something bought from a store. Need some ideas? Take your time and have fun creating something special. Pinterest is a great place to start.

Blast From the Past

Dig to find old photographs from past holidays. It’ll be fun to look back on family parties from years past, or even relive some funny presents you once received. This could be a great first step to creating a scrapbook, which would be a very  sentimental gift for someone this year.

Decorate Your Home

If your home doesn’t reflect the spirit of the season, either will you. No need to go over the top, but add a few simple decorations to your home to remind you it’s the holiday season.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Start a Santa’s Cookie Shop in your kitchen with your children or grandchildren. Sugar cookies are simple to make and so much fun to decorate.

Take a Bright Drive

Grab friends or family and jump in the car. Turn on the holiday music station and take a tour around the neighborhood to view all the beautifully lit homes.

Let’s party

Invite your friends over for small get together. Ask everyone to bring an appetizer while you provide the drinks.  Make it a fun, simple evening about good friends and great company.

“Me” Time

With all the stress of the holidays, you can really lose your spirit for the entire season. Take the time to remember yourself and remember what the holidays are all about.

Send Holiday Cards

Send a little holiday message to your loved ones. It’ll be a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them. And who knows, you might just spark their holiday spirit as well!


How do you get in the holiday spirit?

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