Fill the Classroom With Color

We love teachers. Many of them are Fresh Produce customers who come in for our put-together styles, relaxed fit and colors that look on the bright side. With teachers in mind — and because it is that time of year — we rounded up a few, fun and creative ways to give the classroom uplifting new fresh layers of color.

Make an Entrance. Make your doorway a window to new inspiration for eager young minds. Decorate your door with fancy cut outs of this year’s tried and true learning themes. Go as colorful as you want. You’ll get their undivided attention from the word go.

Color Enhancements. What are the learning hot spots in your classroom? Dress up a reading circle, lab or computer area, and places of play with a pop of crisp color.  The experts say red hues encourage activity, so perk up a play area with energetic shades of crimson. Light green does wonders for quieting down a reading room. In general, brighter colors and bold patterns spark interest, while cooler color schemes hold attention.

United Colors. We all have our favorite colors. It’s interesting how color can mean something different from one culture to the next. What if you build a color board, and have students adorn it with colorful international flags, foods, fashion and interesting art? Unlocking the meaning of color in literature is also a great learning hook. Start a lively conversation by posing questions to the class such as, why is yellow so widely used throughout The Great Gatsby?

How do you incorporate color in your classroom?

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