Fall Closet Cleanse

Whether you have a small closet or one the size as your master bedroom, you probably have to do some reorganizing once the cooler weather starts each year. Here are some tips to keep your closet organized for fall!

  • Evaluate summer: look through your tanks, swimsuits, cover-ups, flip flops and summer dresses. If you can’t remember wearing it, you probably won’t wear it again! Donate or toss what you didn’t wear, based on the condition.
  • Repurpose: from the summer styles you decided to keep, which can be worn as layers in the fall and winter? Pick dresses that can be worn with a jacket or tights and boots and tanks that can be layered under tops or sweaters.
  • Sandal bin: put your sandals in a collapsible bin and put it at the top of your closet. You can also have a swimsuit bin—they’re light and out of the way until next spring!
  • Hangers: invest in some felt hangers to avoid giving your clothes points on the shoulders and keep your wider-neck shirts from sliding off.
  • Corral your coats: have a dedicated coat closet in your house and use it! Make it the first and last stop of your day to keep them all in one accessible spot.
  • Think outfits: organize your closet in the way you build an outfit: shoes at bottom, then other styles hung left to right, based on how you put together your outfit in the morning.
  • Scarves: find a place to hang them all. For limited space, try a hanger for ties or just hang on hooks behind your clothes at the back. Another good option is a towel rod!
  • Fold the bulky: fold sweaters and sweatshirts and place in bins that hang from the closet rod. This keeps larger pieces from taking up so much hanging space.

Do you have a closet cleanse every fall? What organization tips do you follow?

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