DIY Gift Wrapping

You’ve spent the time searching for the perfect present for every person on your list. Why not create wrapping that’s as special as the gift you’ve found? This year, with little effort and skill, you can get a little crafty with your wrapping. Here are a few ideas to get you started. We found all the ideas and more right on Pinterest. Visit our DIY Gift Wrapping board for more inspiration.


Coastal Inspired Toppers

If you’re making it a  coastal holiday this season, let your theme show through with your gift giving. Make an ordinary present beach happy by adding simple sea baubles to the top, along with simple ribbon. Great accents are what you’ve found right on the beach—starfish, shells and sea glass.


Stamp it Out

Using stamps are a great way to dress up and personalize your presents. Purchase an alphabet of stamps and ink from your local craft store. Stamp in the receiver’s name or a short holiday message. We found the ink shows up the best on brown Kraft paper.


A Touch of Green

We love incorporating a little bit of nature in our wrapping. Small pine cones from your backyard or evergreen right from your Christmas tree make perfect finishing touches to presents. Just a little bit is all you need.


Travel Wrap

Have a traveler on your list? Use old maps as wrapping paper. Add ribbon, string or bow for an extra touch.


Recycled Holiday Card Gift Tags

Always wondering what to do with all the Christmas card you receive each year? Typically, you toss them in the trash by New Year’s. However, they make great gift tags. Cut them as you see fit, punch a hole and add some string. Crafty and thrifty!

What new wrapping idea will you incorporate in your holiday? How would you design your own wrapping paper? Share with us on Facebook, Pinterest and twitter  #CoastalHoliday!

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