Deanna Frieze Makes a Difference

Deanna Frieze was introduced to the Airline Ambassadors non-profit organization four years ago when she worked for Fresh Produce as the Southern California sales rep and Fresh Produce donated seconds to the organization.

In 2007, Deanna set out to open a Fresh Produce Handpicked store and restored a 1930’s firehouse on Balboa Island, California with her partner Charles. While preserving the original flavor of the firehouse, Deanna discovered the perfect fit of Fresh Produce with “older buildings with character and charm” and has since opened stores in San Clemente, Clarmont and Orange, California.

Fresh Produce Handpicked Balboa Island, California.

As Deanna discovered personal success, she’s had the opportunity to visit several third world countries including Cambodia and Thailand to donate Fresh Produce and other clothes, Crocs and more. She has now found her passion in Haiti, where there are still 400,000 people living in tent camps from the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Deanna sponsors Richardson’s, 8, education in Haiti.

“Education in the tent camps is limited and Port-au-Prince has no free education. One of the projects I’m working on is raising money to build a school and pay teachers to teach children at the tent camps,” explained Deanna. “I’m sponsoring a particularly bright eight year old named Richardson’s education outside the tent camps until he graduates high school.”

Through fundraising at her four Fresh Produce stores and personal funds she is working to provide meals, clothes, school supplies and fun activities (like concerts) at an orphage, while helping to complete the building of another orphanage along the coast. Because of her hard work, the school will be named after her company.

“These people I’ve met have changed my life forever–I work with two boys, Steffon and Johnson, from educated families in Haiti who have given up everything to work with tent camps and orphanage,” says Deanna.

Johnson holding Butterfly, wearing a Fresh Produce girl’s dress.

Deanna hopes to return to Haiti every few months to help with the building of the school and invest in the tent camps. “Anyone interested in a life-changing experience should visit Airline Ambassadors at to donate or see what trips are coming up.,” encourages Deanna.

“I’m in a great place–as my passion for Fresh Produce continues to grow, I’m able to provide a living for myself and help others.”

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