Cruise Line Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes


Clockwise from top left, models Lauren, Nicole and Stephanie have some fun between shots! We’re already in love with how great our new Cobalt color photographs!

From left to right, Monica, model, Gail, chief creative officer, Lauren, model, Shyla, visual merchandiser, and Erin, graphic designer, pose in some great new Fresh Produce styles on Hermosa Beach.


Nicole, model, catches her balance while Philip, photographer, captures the moment and Lauren, model, and Shyla, visual merchandiser, wait to shoot the next outfit.
Makeup brushes and concealer pile up as the makeup artist works to give our models a natural, polished look.
Philip, photographer, captures Lauren, model, in a new top in the new Sunblaze color.
Hermosa Beach was packed with visitors enjoying the blue skies and sunshine!

Shyla, visual merchandiser, Philip, photographer, and Gail, chief creative officer, have a break on the beach between shots.
















Left: Shyla, visual merchandiser, knows all photoshoots go more smoothly with Starbucks in hand!
Right: Lauren, model, celebrated her birthday during the photoshoot! We enjoyed some delicious cupcakes for the occasion!

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