COLORS THAT INSPIRE US! 4th of July Edition

We’re feeling stars, stripes and a breeze-filled sky lit up with every color imaginable this Fourth of July. The sunny shades of summer that celebrate freedom are wonderfully inspiring to us. And we’ve collected a few fresh favorites to share with you today.


Funny how effortless style and inspiring color always have you looking at the upside of life.


Watermelon Wedges

Another casual and relaxed holiday, ripe with possibility and bursting with simple brilliance.


Iced lemonade

When life hands you lemons, ask for a glass and stir things up.



Sticky situations are best approached with laughter, good friends and something sweet.



The occasional cold freeze on a hot sunny day is your just reward.



A surprise burst of color that appears out of nowhere leaves a lasting impression.

Who’s ready for spirited fun and carefree independence? Check out the red, white and blue colors on display in a Fresh Produce store near you. And happy fourth!


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