Behind the Print: Rio


To kick off the New Year we’re introducing the statement print of the year—Rio. Bold, energetic and fun, this print looks striking on a variety of tops and dresses. The bright colors, paisley accents and all around liveliness of the print were inspired by Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. From its majestic city to the beautiful coastlines, we’ve captured all of it in our new print.

We can’t stop dreaming about the white sand beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca, the nightlife of the city and the best Carnival celebration in the world. Rio truly has a special place on our travel destination list. We’re debuting this print in January to not only start 2014 with a statement, but also because Rio de Janeiro translates to “January River.” Interestingly enough, when the Portuguese discovered the Guanabara Bay in the late 1500s, they thought it was the end of the river. Since this happened in the month of January, they name named it Rio de Janeiro.


(Pictured above) Vineyard Vest and Long Sleeve Drape T in Rio

We hope Rio makes you feel as energized and as lively as you would if you were vacationing in this paradise destination. From dresses to tops to tunics, here are few looks available in Rio.


(Pictured above from left to right) Delray Maxi Dress, Twin Peaks Top and Simple Tunic

How will you wear Rio?



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