Behind the Print: Indigo

Indigo-print_blog1Some of us like to jump into summer, where as others would rather make a smooth transition and just ease into it. Our new Indigo print is one for those looking to keep it easy. Bursts of paisley and delicate floral touches come together to create a pattern that’s organic and pleasing to the eye. The print itself is anchored in calming blue, making it feel light as air and soft as a sea breeze. We can’t help but hum a little bit of a Summer’s Wind every time we put it on.


Soft prints like Indigo make pairing a breeze because the print isn’t distracting and won’t take away from other pieces. Its blue tones make pairing with denim a dream.

Indigo-print_blog2This season, Indigo is delicately romancing tops, skirts and dresses including our  Indigo Vintage Drape Top (pictured above) and Indigo Flea Market Dress (pictures above). It’s a great print when you need a little pop of texture and color, without wanting to make an over the top statement. We think it’s just the right amount of fun and femininity you need this summer.

Plus, try pairing our Indigo Print with our Indigo Blue Color Story. The way the array of blues come together is simply mystic and magical. They’re alluring, yet calming all at the same time. And what’s more cooling than blue hues in the summertime?

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