Behind the Print: Harvest

November is here and we couldn’t be happier. It’s not only one of our favorite months of the year, but it also brings the release of a new print. Intricate lines and delicate curves flourish into our richest print yet—Harvest. Inspired by the organic and graceful ways of the growing season, this design has etched feel.


Although it’s an ethereal pattern, it’s rich with design and spirit. As we leave autumn and begin to start winter, we’re reminded how fully our senses are engaged this time of year. Whether it’s walking across a blanket of fallen leaves or breathing in the sweet smell of pumpkin pie, we can’t get enough of it. Colors are incredible, too. Look up to the sky and you’ll discover Earth’s own paint palette—a harvest sky. It’s wild, free and limitless like our dreams.


Make sure to cherish and savor these moments. They might be gone tomorrow. After all, winter is upon us. Sometimes we’re all too quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count.

You’ll love seeing Harvest in your favorite silhouettes including the Embrace Me V-Neck T (below), Twin Peaks Top and the Boca dress (below). Plus, a new easy-going tee called the Vintage Logo Fem T (below) is also being introduced in Harvest as well.



For more inspiration, visit our Harvest Sky board on Pinterest for all things Harvest and savory in November.


How will you embrace Harvest?

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