Behind the Print: Destination

destination_blog_inside1We believe it’s difficult to live a full life standing in one place. Life is meant to be explored; the world is meant to be traveled. Our passion for traveling and discovering new cities, cultures and lifestyles is what inspired our newest print—Destination.

When a travel bug sets in or when adventure calls your name, our Destination print is ready to jump in your suitcase. Its geo-diamond pattern has a textured quality, giving it a very tonal feel. What we love best about this effortless print is that it looks great in our original color palette. It’s strong and confident in every color.

destination_blog_inside3(Pictured Above) Extra Fresh Between the Lines Dress in Barn Red, Voile Tunic in Turquoise, Impromptu Dress in Lemon

You’ll also see our Destination print in our February lookbook titled “Destination: Love.” Our bright, easy-to-pair collection embraces our love for traveling and exploring. Full of fun, comfy pieces, this collection is ready for a getaway or can stick at home for a “staycation.” However your wear our new diamond print, it’s versatile and spontaneous enough for anything you have planned.


After diving into “Destination: Love” and our overall inspiration for the month of February, naturally we started to discuss our own favorite places to travel. From destinations we love to revisit to best paradise destination of all time, here are our favorites:

MelHorton“Key West is  one of those amazing places that make you feel like you belong there the moment you arrive. It has generous and lovely people, warm and clear water, incredible sunsets, great diving, an island time environment—I could go on and on. It happens to be where my husband and I tied the knot as well!” Melissa Horton, Director of Strategic Initiatives Omni Channel



“Paia on the island of Maui in Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations to revisit. It’s a quaint little beach town that is charming, warm and so true to itself.” Mary Ellen Vernon, Co-Founder




“When I travel for vacation, my goal is to relax and unwind. Lahaina, Hawaii is a great place for my family and I to do just that. I love its laid back feel and old school surf town vibe.”  Tamny Costello, Director of Merchandising




“I love Costa Rica especially for their ‘Pura Vida’ way of life, which translates to ‘pure life.’  I always feel so welcome when I’m there. The people are great.”  Gail Hartin, Vice President of Merchandising



MichellStClair“I love anywhere and everywhere in Italy. There is something about the way the Italians I know flip the typical American model of “work endlessly to play occasionally” around and live fully in the technicolor zest of every moment! There is a sacredness of everyday life that is celebrated there.” Michelle St. Clair, Dealer Services Representative


If you could pick one place to travel to next, where would you go?

Get Pinning! For more inspiration, visit our Destination: Love board on Pinterest. Or share your favorite travel spots with us on twitter @FreshProduceNow #DestinationLove.

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