Behind the Print: C’est la V

What started as a little love affair with French culture has ended with a whole new way of life—C’est la V. Our new, wavy stripe print embraces the “That’s life” mentality that we couldn’t be more excited about. What’s better than a carefree morning spent sipping coffee at a café, enjoying a lovely midday sieste in the sun, or painting your watercolor dreams onto a blank canvas? We believe in living each day to its fullest, pursuing what makes us happy and taking chances in this game called life. After all, it’s the unexpected that makes the biggest impact on our lives. cestlav_blog1Naturally, our memories from our trips to France resurfaced when diving into this print. Sipping our way around beautiful vineyards, tastings delicious French fare and enjoying romantic evenings in Paris are moments engraved in our minds. It was a joy reliving some of these special moments that shaped our inspiration for our C’est La V print.


Ah, yes. Aren’t we missing something? Just for fun and to show you our carefree side, we’ve decided to leave out the “ie” in C’est la Vie. Less is more, anyway, right?

We hope you discover what this little French saying means to you when you wear our new print. That’s what’s great about C’est la V—It represents something different for everyone. Available in go-to styles like the Café Wrap Dress, Staple Maxi Dress and Between the Lines Dress, we hope you make this pattern your own. Let serendipity lead your journey, no expectations, just life – C’est la V!


Go ahead, get acquainted with our new collection by shopping the C’est la V Lookbook. Also remember to stay tuned for more stories about the collection and its French influence right here on the Fresh Produce blog. For even more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest and visit our C’est la V Board.

What does C’est la V mean to you?

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