Basically, The Best Colors

You should know you can always count on Fresh Produce to come out with brilliant new hues each season, this one’s no different! We’ve basically fallen in love with our top-notch styles now that they’re in nine new colors.

If you’ve visited the website recently, you may have noticed that many of your favorite styles are in new colors. (And you could have stumbled on a few new styles and prints along the way!)

Here’s a rundown of the new colors and how we love to pair them…keep checking back on your favorite styles to see if it’s available…we’re dyeing more clothes each and every day. (In the USA!)

Sunblaze:  A bright yet subtle yellow reminiscent of sunshine in the morning, Sunblaze pairs wonderfully with deep blue, light green, bright green, dark grey and white! We always encourage layering brights with more brights, but none of these colors will overwhelm the yellow of sunblaze.
Papaya: A light orange inspired by the fruit itself, Papaya takes a bold look in prints and pairs well with bright red, pink, white and natural!
Fresh Mango: A favorite around the office, Fresh Mango is a lovely shade of pinkish-orange. It looks amazing on so many skin tones and we love pairing it with white, dark brown, yellow, pink and dark grey.
Bright Coral: A color that doesn’t always render well on a computer screen because of its vibrancy, Bright Coral is as bright as red can get! It’s nearly a neon red. This is a color sure to be popular this season and pairs best with neutrals or prints in neutral colors—think dark brown, white, light grey with perhaps a hint or natural or yellow.
Mint: Get a burst of flavor just by wearing the subtlety beautiful Mint color: a mix of white, light green and light blue, mint can still be paired with bright colors because it’s so light. Consider wearing it with yellow and deep blue or dark grey and dark brown.
Aquamarine: Closely resembling the blue tide of the Caribbean waters, Aquamarine is both a calm and bright color, making it good for any season. We’re in love with how it looks with Peri, white, yellow and light grey.
Cobalt: A deep, bright blue that, like Fresh Mango, compliments every skin tone and hair color, Cobalt is already a favorite! Mix it with yellow, light and bright green and natural for a pop of just the right blue.
Desert: A perfectly muddled brown to match every season, Desert is a beautiful brown! We like to think of it as a neutral with some spunk. Try it with bright red, light purple, orange, white and yellow.
Stardust: If you think Stardust is just another grey, wait until you try it on. You’ll sparkle in Stardust no matter what color you pair it with, but to start, try it with white, light blue, yellow or orange.

Which is your favorite? What colors do you love to pair together for fall?

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