At Ease in Wheat

wheat_blogWith winter on its way, we all could use a little warm up. Luckily, Wheat is the color to do just that. Earthy and wholesome, this neutral hue is versatile and complimentary to many colors. Did you know the color brown represents loyalty, trust and calmness?  No wonder why we feel so at ease in Wheat. We’d love for you to get comfortable with this warm hue, too. Here are a few styles to try on for size.




Long Sleeve Vintage Drape Top

Part of our comfy, relaxed Vintage Collection, this top is a must-have for your closet. The longer, uneven hem flatters your shape and lengthens your line. Pair with jeans or any variety of colored pants.








Embrace Me V-Neck Top

Try our new Harvest print in Wheat. The neon orange and hot pink ink pattern pops nicely on the neutral silhouette.










3/4 Sleeve Logo Fem Top

This timeless top will definitely put you at ease. Crafted in cotton, it’s a go-to basic that won’t let you down.











Stretch Broadcloth Safari Roll-Up Pant

Anchor your outfit with neutral bottoms. For a casual and relaxed look, try the Stretch Broadcloth Safari Roll-Up Pant in Wheat. Top them with any color that suits you because all colors will compliment Wheat perfectly.





What styles will you wear in Wheat?

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