A Day at the Beach: The Best French Beaches

We love a day at the beach. Especially in France, where there are so many great beaches. And not one, but two bodies of water: The Mediterranean and the French Atlantic. Cross one coast and you’ll uncover miles of soft sandy beaches, while on the other, jagged rock cliffs reach to the sky. Wherever you go, you’ll have fun exploring the coastline. Want to do it right now? We have five of our favorite French beaches to share.


You know these beaches from D-Day and the legendary battle that liberated Paris. But Normandy today is a mix of old and new. Trouville is our favorite beach, a pretty port with bistros and brasseries. Stroll the boardwalk in the salty sea air. The seafood in Normandy is as fresh as it gets, with miles of coastline to harvest oysters and shrimp (or Crevettes as they’re called in French). Check out these food festivals!

Anywhere in Normandy you’ll get how Impressionist painters like Claude Monet could perfectly capture Normandy’s picturesque look. We’ll never forget it.

 Rocky Beach in Normandy, France


Warmed by the Gulf Stream and copious sunshine, Brittany blooms

with airy palms and exotic plants. No wonder it’s a top destination for seaside holidays. A patchwork of colorful granite, sandstone and quartz sparkles along the crested coastline. We enjoy the wonderful storytelling. Pixies, mermaids and other mythical creatures pop up everywhere. When it’s time to get some sun, we head to Belle-Île, Brittany’s largest island with 60 beaches.



Want to find this colorful seaside getaway? Just head south! Diversity is what you’ll discover most here. From balmy beaches and ski resorts to pink flamingos and wild herds of white horses running free. There’s a beautiful hidden village a stone’s throw from Spain called Banyuls-sur-Mer. When the sun fades, it’s time to break out Banyuls, a delightful aperitif named from locally produced wine.

Collioure view from hill

Provence-Alpes-Côte d-Azur

This part of France spans the Mediterranean Sea up to the French Alps, with the French Riviera proudly in its fold. You’ve got everything — sun, colorful countryside, great food, amazing wine and a rich history. Take off on a bike, get lost and you’ll likely spend an unforgettable afternoon in a charming village with new friends. Cannes Beaches are the best; Plage du Mouré Rouge and Plage du Midi are top spots.



The thought of taking off to a French island in the Mediterranean Sea sounds so romantic. Corsica’s claim to fame — Napoléon Bonaparte was born here. Gorgeous granite covers the mostly mountainous coastline. Much of the food is locally grown, with dishes like fresh tomatoes and zucchini alongside herb-fed veal and boar. Porto Pollo is the go-to beach, a pretty place with pearl white sand and water so clear you can see through it.


We hope you enjoyed this mini-vacation across the beaches of France. Where would you like to explore first? 

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