A Coastal State of Mind

Aaah, the beach. The seaweed smell, the warmth of the sand beneath my feet, the rhythmic lull of the waves on the shore, all give me a feeling of calm, of peace, of home. Fresh Produce was founded on the Southern California coast thirty years ago, and the beach continues to inspire me every day. Today, I divide my time between our company headquarters in Boulder and Southern California. I feel the calm and ease the minute I get off the plane and take a deep breath of that moist, humid, salty air.

My most meditative moments are spent looking for sea glass and shells on the beach. I can spend hours walking barefoot on the sand, picking up bits of glass and shells worn smooth by the ocean, whose colors and patterns will inspire our designs. Each one—just like each of us—is unique, with its own story, its own journey. Driftwood and beach glass, with their soft, worn edges, are profoundly beautiful to me—like a woman as she ages, softens her rough edges, and settles into her own unique beauty.
The critters on the beach, too, inspire me with their carefree playfulness. I love the seals popping their heads up, the pelicans swooping overhead, the dolphins arcing through the waves. One of my most joyful memories was releasing baby sea turtles on a beach in Mexico. What a smile! I loved watching them make their determined way down the beach and into the ocean, their tiny flippers leaving patterns in the sand. What a hopeful and optimistic journey!
Thinking of those turtles reminds me of my own children’s journeys out into the world. Last month I shared with you my unsettled feelings about sending my youngest child off on a gap year, and I promised to let you know how it felt. I can tell you it was bittersweet. He gave us a book he’d made for the 90 days that he’ll be out of touch, and as I turn each new page and read the thought that he’s left for each new day, I’m happy-sad all over again.
In this time of transition, I’m feeling tender and nostalgic, but also more open to what life may bring. I have a feeling more of this next chapter will be spent close to the beach. Thanks for sharing your thoughts last month; this month I invite you to share what the coast means to you.
September 20 is Coastal Clean-up Day. Beaches are important to us at Fresh Produce not only as members of beach communities, they are the essence of the brand and lifestyle. As we continue to celebrate the beautiful, carefree coastal spirit that we love, it’s important that we take action to preserve it as well.

If you are interested in joining your local Fresh Produce store or community to help Clean the Coast, please click here for more information!

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