5 Simple Seasonal Table Settings

We’re no Martha Stewart, but that doesn’t mean we can’t arrange a beautiful holiday dinner table. This time of year is crazy enough, so keeping things simple and easy is key. For starters, here are a few DIY table setting ideas that don’t take much time, but will add a lovely touch to your table. After all, a little really does go a long way. Your guests will think you spent tons of time and energy on prepping and execution, but that’s OK. Go ahead and let them.


A Fall Pumpkin pumpkintable_blog

A small pumpkin on everyone’s dinner plate is great little accent to your fall table settings.  Get creative and dress up your pumpkin by painting your guests’ initials on them.  Remember, prices of pumpkins tend to be high before Halloween, so wait until early November to start shopping.  Check out nearby farms because they tend to have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that explode with the colors of harvest season. Gourds work just as well, too. Encourage your guests to take them home as a party favor.


Giving Thanksthankfultable_blog

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays because it brings family together.  Nieces and nephews away at college are home, everyone is traveling to be together, and traditions are abundant. There’s also no better time to reflect on what you’re thankful for than right now. This year, create an “I am thankful for” list for your guests to fill it out. Then, before everyone digs in, go around the table and share what you wrote down. It’s fulfilling and a great way to celebrate this delicious holiday. For some extra creative flair, create the look of old parchment paper by soaking plain white paper in tea and then air drying it in the sun. 


Perfect Pinecopinecontable_blognes

Like pumpkins, pinecones are a simple way to add an extra touch to everyone’s place setting. You might have a color scheme in mind, so paint the pinecones to your fancy. We’ve found using spray paint is the least messy. Feel free to leave them as is because they’re just as pretty. To add a name tag, glue a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the pinecone.






Dressed Up Napkinsnapkintable_bog

Get creative with napkin holders, too. Here’s a rustic way to decorate your holiday table. All you need are cinnamon sticks, evergreen sprig and hemp twine. Nurseries or florists are your best bet for the evergreen sprig. Another perk is that these simple holders will make your home smell just like a winter wonderland.








 Coastal Holidaybeachtable_blog

We love the idea of a coastal holiday whether you’re on the coast or inland. Think beach. Starfish combined with seashells and aqua colors will make your table look like a winter wonderland. Spray paint shells and starfish silver to add more sparkle and shine to your table. There’s no right or wrong way to accomplish your beachy table this holiday.







To find these ideas and more, visit our Seasonal Table Settings board on Pinterest. Ready. Set. Pin!

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